HWD Travels: 12 Trips in 12 Months

When it came time to choose a honeymoon location, Brett and I couldn't. 

I must've changed my answer at least a dozen times. 

So we decided, "Why choose one?"

With my teaching career coming to a close, and the thought of off-season travel now something to consider, we were like, "Why don't we go on several trips instead?"

But, several trips morphed into the idea of twelve. Because I may one day go back to the classroom, because one day we won't be carefree renters, because one day we will have kids - why not go on some of our bucket list trips now?

So, the Twelve Trips in Twelve Months idea was born. Let's see twelve new places in our first twelve months of marriage. Because we're celebrating this first year. 

Read our post here about how we're affording 12 trips in 12 months - including how I find flight deals.

Below, you'll find our twelve locations we're hoping to see by our first wedding anniversary. As the year progresses and blog posts are written, links will be included. This blog was started to document our year - we hope it's one to remember.


1. Santa Fe, New Mexico June 21-26

2. Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona August 22-28

3. Iceland September 13-16

4. Santorini, Greece October 3-9

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic November 11-15

6. Maui, Hawaii January 26-31

7. Barcelona, Spain February 21-26

8. Santa, Fe, New Mexico (can we go every June?) June 22-25

And then life happens, work gets busy for both of us (which, as a new business, was completely unexpected and is something to celebrate!), and we buy a house. So 12 months becomes 18 months. And we're okay with that. We'll happily jump at the chance to lengthen our honeymoon.


10. Big Sur, California September 1-4

11. Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris October 2-9